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Screw Machine Connections

Screw Machine Sockets: BGA, IC, Removable Carrier, & Custom
Screw Machine Connectors: Board to Board, Adapters, Terminal, & Custom

Plastics &

Plastics: Injection Molding (Includes Dual Shot) & Tooling
Metal: CNC, Diecast, Stamping, & Extrusion


Contactors: Mercury & General Purpose Type, DIN Solid State Relays
Sensors: Liquid & Proximity, Accelerometer, Tilt, Tip, G-Force
Switches: Piezo, Push Button, & Float, Hermetic Seals

Relays & Switches
TMR Sensors, Solid State Relays, Reed Switches, Sensors, & Reed Relays

Rugged Portable Secure Memory
Memory Keys, Tokens, & Carrier Sockets

Film Capacitors
Polyester, Polypropylene (Including Metalized), Polycarbonate, Polyphenylene, Polyester, Snubbers, EMI & DC Link


Rechargable: Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion, LifeP04 Lithium, NIMH, Cells & packs
Primary: Coin, Alkaline, Zinc, Lithium, & packs

Discrete Semiconductors
Diodes, Rectifiers, Bridges, TVS, Transistors, Signal MOSFETS, Thyristors, PTC, & MEMS


TFT Color Modules, OLED Modules, Passive Color & Monochrome LCD Modules, E-Ink Modules, & Custom LCD Glass

Power Cords

UL / CSA & International Power Cords, EV Charging Assembly

Power Semiconductors

MOSFET's, IGBT's, LED Drivers, & Power Mgt IC's

Power Supplies

Switching Power Supplies 40 watts to 500 watts, ATX & Custom

Connectors & Terminal Blocks

Cable Assemblies: Custom
Connectors: Board to Board, Board to Cable, Flat Ribbon, Flex, Memory, Coax, I/O, DIN, Metric, USB, Waterproof, Phone, & Sockets
Terminal Blocks: Euro, Barrier, Screwless, & Pluggable
Antennas: VHF, UHF, GPS, Cellular, WIFI

Cooling, Heating, & Motors

Cooling: AC & DC; Fans, Blowers, Cross Flow, HVAC, Automotive, Micro, Centrifugal, Water Resistant, Fan Tray Assemblies
Heating: PTC, Immersion, Flexible, & Coil
Motors:Shaded Pole, AC, & Micro


Standard Magnetics: Including Isolation, Power Transformers, Class I & Class II

Linear Power Supplies


Inductors / Chokes: Common Mode, Current Sense, Coils, Chokes, Standard & Custom
Transformers: Switch Mode, 3 Phase, Power, Data, Audio, Standard, & Custom

Electromechanical Relays: Power, Automotive, & General Purpose

Embedded Memory & Storage Solutions

Solid State Drives, C Fast Card, SD, MicroSD, Compact Flash, & EMMC

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